Sisters Strength

Most of you all know that I attended my online clients OCB Bikini competition 2 weeks ago in Albuquerque, NM. Gina Sproule began online training with me 9 months prior to the show to make her goal of getting on stage in a bikini competition a reality. Well, she certainly blew that goal out of the water. Not only did she place 5th in her Masters Bikini Class, but she was also took home the Transformation Division Award. Quite honestly, I find that her Transformation Award takes the cake!

Gina lost an impressive 80 pounds throughout her weight loss journey, which began over a year ago. She knew that if she did not make some lifestyle changes that her eating habits and lack of exercise could kill her. She finally decided it was time for a change and boy did she hit the ball out of the park. As the Transformation winner, the promotor actually reads the competitors story to the whole crowd. In my 20 years in the bodybuilding world, I have never seen anything like it. As the promotor read Gina’s story the whole crowd including myself was in tears. Talk about an inspiring journey and one strong woman. Gina poured her heart and soul into her writing and shared the ugly truth about how much her weight gain over the years had changed her and not for the better. She exposed her raw truths to a room full of strangers, which takes major courage and strength. I remember listening and thinking this woman has some serious balls!

The best part was still to come! After reading her story, the promoter got out another letter which was written by her sister Trudy Shope. Trudy wrote the OCB to tell her how proud she was of her sister and how much it has inspired her. Trudy was then asked to get on stage with her sister, which was not easy for an introvert. Trudy is also on the “No Mullarkey” Virtual Training Team! She is also working towards her fitness goal of competing in a bikini competition and will be making that goal a reality in 3 weeks here in Mesa, AZ. Gina and Trudy will both be competing together:). As I sat there and watched these 2 strong, beautiful women on stage I realized just how important support is from your loved ones when going after your goals. Gina and Trudy both want to see each other succeed and have been there for each other through the thick and the thin during their bikini and weight loss journeys. Both of these women are coming out of their shells and will be standing on stage once again in 3 weeks. This journey has not been easy, but they have both leaned on each other and have let nothing stand in their way.

I just wanted to take the time to congratulate both Gina Sproule and her sister, Trudy Shope for making their fitness goals a reality. Both of these women have shown me the true meaning of a Sisters Strength. I am so proud to be their coach and I am so excited for them to share the experience of competing together as family. Kick some butt ladies!!!! Although, you all already have:)

If you are looking to compete in a bikini, figure or physique competition please contact me today for a FREE consultation. You have no idea what your journey might reveal.

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training


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