John Lombardi

My name is John Lombardi, I am 53 years old and started working out with Karen Mullarkey to get ready for an upcoming NPC Physique show. Karen sent me my diets and workouts early so I could start buying my food and planning out my weeks. The training, diets, cardio and coaching was top of the line!

Karen will cover everything for you and will set you up for success. “No Mullarkey” Personal Training is first class from the first day until you step on stage 12 weeks later. You are training with a true professional who is motivated to get you to reach your goal. Karen takes the time to explain the procedure and will push you to follow the process so you look your absolute best. The workouts push you to the limit and Karen is right there with you to make sure your form and technique are on point. Nothing is rushed and you come out feeling like you can take on the world after every workout.

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training is hands down, training and coaching at its best! Karen can be reached anytime of the day for some quick nutrition info or for overall training questions. We also had posing sessions with Karen where she explained in detail what was expected from backstage prep, proper breathing, stage presence and hitting your poses with confidence. I took everything from the 12 weeks of working out with Karen and turned that into a 1st place finish in a tough class at the NPC Felicia Romero show in November. I was in the best shape of my life and owned the stage that night. I could not have gotten there without the the “No Mullarkey” Team behind me.

John Lombardi
Computer Design
University Mechanical and Engineering Corp.

Kerri Lombardi – BEFORE AND AFTER *

I began training with Karen in July, as I was going to be turning 49 (and at 150 lbs), I decided it was time to get back in shape. In addition, I was planning a visit back home to NJ for Thanksgiving and I wanted to get in the best shape of my life. Karen’s training regimen is very challenging & tough, but at the same time, fun & effective. She is beside you watching your form for each exercise and will have you make corrections to ensure you are getting the most out of each movement and to also prevent injury. She was very in-tuned to my thoughts and how serious I was to do this. The food plan was adjusted by Karen each month, as she can immediately tell when I needed to add or remove certain things to and from my diet.

About 2 months into training, she really motivated me to consider doing a bikini competition. I had been making progress on my weight loss and clothing size. I was so happy that I ultimately decided to train for a competition. I hate being in front of people, let alone on a stage IN A BIKINI! But, Karen did help me get the confidence to believe that I can do this. After losing 20 pounds and back in a size 2, which I haven’t been since High School, I did my first Bikini Competition at 49 years old.

This experience has made me confident and empowered. I have Karen to thank for all of this. She knows her stuff when it comes to anything in the health & fitness industry. My personal goals were exceeded, and I never expected to lean out the way I have. I have Karen Mullarkey to thank for pushing me to exceed my goals and I am so grateful for that. Not only is she the most amazing coach, she is a treasured friend and mentor.”

Kerri Lombardi

Kenia – BEFORE & AFTER *

My journey started about 7 months ago when I was sitting down to lunch with a good friend. We talked about the usual including my current health problem. I had just recently been diagnosed with Miniere’s disease. I explained to my girlfriend that it is an inner ear disorder that seriously effects balance. The best way to describe it is if you were to spin in circles quickly and stop suddenly and you feel like you are still spinning then you lose your balance. All this happens without rhyme or reason. I told her how it is believed that it can be controlled by diet and daily pills. Then I moved onto another subject. I talked about this year being “The Year” the year I am truly going to do a bikini competition! I said, ” What the hell, why not! I need a new fitness goal and I can’t think of a better goal to shoot for.” My girlfriend said, “Well you definitely need to talk to Karen Mullarkey. She is a pro and I trained with her for all of my shows.” “She is Amazing!” I contacted Karen the very next day and my life has not been the same since.
After meeting her and doing my first workout I was hooked! Fast forward to a few weeks into training and during that session Karen and I got into talking about weight and the scale. She asked me what my heaviest weight was I told her and to this day, I can still hear the sound of her voice and I remember exactly what she said. She said, ” You’ll never see that again.” I remember the tone of her voice and the look on her face. She said it with such confidence in her voice and without so much as a blink. I was taken aback. After the workout I was doing my prescribed cardio and during my sweat fest, I began to absorb the words that Karen said to me. As I was climbing that dang stair climber I burst into tears. Tears because it was then that I understood what she said and the way she said with such confidence. She said it with confidence in her skills as a trainer and confidence in me as a client. She believed in me because she knew I could do it even before I knew I could. That day I cried tears of joy because I knew that I was on the right path. I knew then and there that I had made the right decision with the right trainer. The PERFECT trainer.
Throughout my journey to the stage Karen was always by my side as my trainer, my mentor and my friend. Karen gave me meal plans and exercise plans and was always available for any questions and the occasional self doubt moments to remind me of why I am doing this and that I can do it. Her words of encouragement and confidence never wavered. She always believed in me! Needless to say I DID get on that stage! By the time I got on stage I was in THE best shape of my life and never felt better or looked better! It was with the help of Karen during my journey of learning and understanding healthy living that I lost weight and inches and most importantly, my Miniere’s episodes have decreased 10-fold and are still at bay until this very day! She has me given me such power and freedom! Power to control my Miniere’s Disease and Freedom to be present and really enjoy my life!! I have her to thank for so much that she may never really know. She has really changed my life!! As a matter of fact all my cardio and prep leading up to my show has inspired me to reach for another fitness goal! I am now going to train for a race! After all, all that cardio got me up to running 5 miles a day! What the Hell, I may as well put it to some good use and push myself further! Why not! Whether you want to train for the stage like I did or take center stage in your own life, I highly recommend Karen! You will never look back after taking that first step! So, as my girlfriend once said to me, I am saying to you, “You definitely need to talk to Karen Mullarkey! She is a Pro and I trained with her for my show and my journey to healthy living. SHE! IS! AMAZING! Period. Exclamation point!” *

Kelly Kolicko – BEFORE & AFTER *

Karen Mullarkey is a wonderful trainer. She got me in top condition for my competition last March which lead me to a 3rd place finish in open masters. Her training was fantastic and she mixed the weights well with the cardio and has extensive knowledge in nutrition and dieting and supplements. I have been training with her for over a year now and have seen an amazing transformation. *

-Kelly Kolicko

David DeLorenzo – BEFORE & AFTER *

Back in 2010 I was close to 200 lbs and I am 5 ‘6, needless to say……..that is not healthy! I then decided to begin training with Karen Mullarkey and never looked back. Karen’s personality, knowledge, and understanding of my fitness needs helped to get me into the best shape of my life, just one year later. I felt so good about myself because she helped build up enough confidence! I then decided to try my first NPC physique show, which I placed 5th in. I could not have done it without her and her true compassion for what she does to help other people. Karen is an incredible person, and someone you just want to be around because of her energy. Even when it is pushing sleds with a ton of weight on them. *

– David DeLorenzo, Owner Ambassador Group Insurance – Ambassadorins.com

Lauren Rae – BEFORE & AFTER *

I was bored, out of shape, and suffering in poor relationships with no real career plans in sight when I found out about “No Mullarkey” Personal Training. From that point forward my life transformed completely as I began to prepare for my first bikini competition. Karen Mullarkey was the agent of change and not only prepared me to place 2nd in the NPC Bikini A Division, she opened my eyes to the possibility of a successful career in health and fitness and helped me to become the woman I always wanted to be. When I met Karen for the first time she was confident, knowledgeable and I felt comfortable taking that step forward in my life to begin competing. I not only gained my best body ever but I gained self confidence, I learned to trust and depend on myself, I learned self control and most importantly the balance between being fit and healthy and living a fulfilling life. She is beyond inspirational and is a true example of what a coach, fitness model and friend should be. I would recommend her training and nutrition programs to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives. *

-Lauren Rae, Coach/Writer/Fitness Model/Foodie * – Inspired Wellness

Sierra Rich – BEFORE & AFTER *

I always considered myself an athlete. I grew up with a competitive nature and raw talent that I used to be successful in gymnastics for 15 years. With that came a lot of discipline and hard work. I had to work to stay strong, but never had to work to have the body I wanted. After going to college and moving on from the life of a training athlete, I thought maintaining would be easy. A few years went by before I looked in the mirror and realized that I didn’t recognize the woman staring back at me. I was depressed, tired all the time, and felt lost and confused about how I allowed myself to get like that. I turned myself around at that point and submerged myself in the health and fitness industry. I became a certified personal trainer so I could teach myself how to live a healthier lifestyle. After losing some of the weight I had plateaued. I needed someone who could bring me to the next level; someone to bring out the athlete in me. That’s when I connected with Karen Mullarkey to prepare for my first fitness competition. She understood what my goals were and had the knowledge and first hand experience, which was important to me. I needed to work with someone who understood that there was an athlete inside of me dying to get out. After working together for three months, I couldn’t be happier with the results we were able to achieve. I look great, but more importantly I feel amazing. I have so much more energy and I have a fire inside of me that I let burn out years ago. It’s so much easier to enjoy life when you feel healthy and happy. The best part of working with Karen has been her ability to see the strength inside of me that I had lost sight of, and often doubted. When you have trouble believing in yourself, she is there to believe in you and push you to your limits. I’m so thankful for everything she has done to help me achieve my goals, and I look forward to working with her in the future. *

-Sierra Rich, Certified Personal Trainer

Susan Filer – BEFORE & AFTER *

I received a follow up phone call from my doctor saying “Your cholesterol is high and I needed to exercise more and eat a low fat diet.” I thought I already was doing this….so I decided I needed to hire a trainer. This is when I started my journey towards improving my health and hired Karen Mullarkey. I have lost over 40 pounds and at 53 years old competed in my first figure competition! It was amazing and one of the best times in my life. Oh and my cholesterol is normal and that is with no medication. Choosing Karen as a trainer was a life changing experience! *

-Susan Filer, Branch Manager of Pioneer Title

Michele Peterson – BEFORE & AFTER *

I began my journey in fitness about 8 years ago at a place called Lifetime Fitness and got bit by the Triathlon bug!!! I had great trainers in all 3 fields!!! I was competitive and driven to be the best I could be!! I was dedicated and worked out 6 times a week for 2-3 hours a day. I got stronger with the guidance from my coaches and did very well in my age group. But, I always struggled with my food intake, how much to eat, what to eat and when. I came across the world of Raw Vegan and was hooked because it made a lot of my bloating go away and gave me the energy I was looking for. I then got my certification for becoming a Raw Vegan Chef and poured a lot of my time into that as well!
As the years went by I was feeling great and loved what I was doing in life, but, there was still something missing. Although I was thin and felt great I was missing muscle. Yea I was kinda toned (well that’s what I thought LOL), until I met Karen Mullarkey!!! I had decided to give up the triathlons and move to another gym. It was there where I was introduced, by my husband to Karen, and that’s when my understanding of food and muscle gain began!!!
I started training with Karen in the a.m. with a group of other gals. Which, by the way, was very intimidating because of their strength. Karen was great with me and made me feel like I can get there too with hard work and dedication!!! She showed me the right form to have on each and every workout. She also taught me that form was much more important than the weight, if your form is not there then you are putting yourself at risk for serious injuries!!!!!! So I started with, LOL, 7 lb dumbbells and I was what you call a “Skinny Fat”!
We started to look at my diet and she guided me on the right food path!!!! I was 100% Raw Vegan, which means no animal product what so ever! If it had a heart beat or if it came from something that had a heartbeat, I wouldn’t eat it. Karen knew this and respected my choices and we worked around it. Well, a couple of months went by and I decided I wanted to show off my gains and wanted to go on stage. She was 100% with me, but wanted me to change my diet up. I fought with her a little while and I finally gave in and started to eat fish and egg whites and a few cooked foods. Karen was great and patient with me as I crossed over to the other side LOL. I told her what I was willing to eat and she came up with a food journal for me, man it changed my life!!! I started to see muscle definition and muscle started to replace the flab!!!! I was hooked!!!
As time went by, I have now done 2 bikini competitions and I am not lifting the 7lb dumbbells anymore!!!! I plan on doing more shows and continue to stay 60% cooked and animal products and 40% Raw Vegan. The only animal product that I do is fish and egg whites and some cooked veggies.
Karen is the best trainer/coach I have EVER had! She knows how to work around people’s diet and their lifestyles. I would say mine was pretty difficult because of the way I ate, but she did the work and got me where I wanted to be at my age of 50!!!! She always told me age is just a number and you can still gain muscle with hard work and dedication!!!!!!


Michele Peterson

Tricia Zacchini – BEFORE & AFTER *

Tricia Zacchini After Karen Mullarkey Training
My name is Tricia Zacchini. I recently turned 38 years old and was eager to make some changes with my health. I had gained 15 pounds over the last 6 months due to work, children, and simply not having enough time for the gym anymore. I knew I needed accountably [sic] and structure with my busy life. I needed someone to tell me how to work out and what to eat. I decided to take it a step further and sign up for a bikini competition.
I researched numerous trainers in Arizona, but the one that stood out was Karen Mullarkey! She has the attitude, knowledge, success, and structure I was looking for! I told her my expectations for my short and long term goals, and boy has she over delivered! Amazing meal plans, intense, yet fun workouts, emails of inspiration, and constant reinforcement that I was headed in the right direction!
I started with Karen December 7th, 2016. In 6 ½ weeks I have lost 17 pounds, 8% body fat, and gained 8 pounds of muscle! I was in a size 6 now in a size 3-4 and…8 weeks out from being ready for my first bikini competition!
Karen makes it impossible to fail! She is an inspiration to so many men and women! She is proof that no matter what age or lifestyle you have, if you want to get in shape, Karen can get you there! She has forever changed my life, and eating habits! I will no longer allow myself to be put second! My health comes first!
If you’re looking to compete or just look like you do you have to see Karen Mullarkey!
You’re the best Karen! Love ya!
Tricia Zacchini

Michelle Shaw – BEFORE & AFTER *

I have always enjoyed going to the gym, but never took it seriously. Someone told me I could never compete in shows because I didn’t have the drive and I wanted to show them that they were wrong. I found Karen through a friend who had competed in a show before and right from the get go I just loved her personality. She is a spunky, take no crap kinda gal all rolled into a small package and I can relate. When we began training I automatically knew I was in deep trouble because I came to Karen at 127 lbs and 23% body fat! Even after the major cheats and grumpy moods she was able to keep me on track and to get me down to 110 lbs and 10% body fat (until after the competition that is). She has shown me a new way of life and a new love for eating right and exercising. I look forward to working with her for my next show……..Karen you’re awesome keep kicking ass and taking names! *

-Michelle Shaw


Karen Mullarkey is an unbelievable trainer, psychologist, cheerleader, mentor and just a Great Friend!

I have come a long ways over the last couple of years and I have Karen to thank. I have probably hired 10 trainers throughout my lifetime and I never stayed with any of them more than two months. Karen kept me working out with her for over two years! It’s now part of my life and I wouldn’t miss it for anything! The first thing that goes in my calendar are my workouts. I never thought I would ever say……I love working out! I love the energy and the endorphins it gives me, Karen was the one who did it!

Karen made it fun and always pushed me way beyond my personal limits! She knew what days she could push me and what days to be more of my psychologist! She connects with her clients on a personal level and she see’s our potential. She helps us get to where we need to go, past our insecurities and self doubts. She transforms us by helping us to realize our goals and dreams! She brings out our very best selves and who we really are!

Karen truly cares about each and every one of her clients. We all trust her and enjoy her company. As a trainer, she realizes her role is so much more than just telling us that we can do two more reps. She instills confidence in each of us and reminds us that we can achieve anything we set our hearts and minds too! She uses personal training to demonstrate and to communicate our inner abilities!
As Karen transforms our bodies she also transforms our minds, our belief in ourselves and our personal confidence! She sends us out with strong bodies and strong minds!

I went into this to lose a few pounds and to look better. I came out with so much more! Karen has made me a better Man! For this, I greatly Thank Her! We will always be life long friends (Because she know too much:)!

She’s a sweetheart!

Vern H.

Karli Coffinger – BEFORE & AFTER *

“I initially sought out Karen after already having lost a little weight on my own with dietary adjustments and with beginning working out. I loved the way I was feeling and wanted to take it a step further by having someone to coach me, cheer me on and hold me accountable. After quite a bit of thought and going back and forth, I decided I wanted to enter a bikini competition. Leading up to this wild idea, I had a constant feeling that I always had wanted to do things and accomplish goals but had always gotten in my own way of completing them. This was the same scenario with a bikini competition. I thought it would make for a great bucket list check mark and at the same time get me in the best shape of my life. If I was serious about losing the weight, I knew the most effective way to do so would be to implement someone to hold me accountable, set a deadline and make a financial investment to do so. So, with all that being said, I began seeing Karen for group training and from there on out it was the best decision I’ve made in awhile.

When I graduated high school, the horrid “Freshman Fifteen” always came up in conversation with my classmates. I thought the idea of that was so stupid and could never affect me. Well reality hit and before I knew it I gained the “Freshman and Sophomore Thirty”. In addition to bad eating and lack of exercise, I was prescribed multiple medications in attempt to regulate my Endometriosis which I also think had an impact on my weight gain. After being fed up with the sluggishness, lethargy and outright unhappiness I switched to a plant based diet (which eventually allowed me to go off all THREE of my medications), began exercising and lost a bit of the weight.

Now, here is where the real magic happens. I met up with Karen and I knew instantly she was the right fit for me. I began my fifteen-week prep for my first bikini competition and since then I am so happy I made that decision. Although I trained in a group setting, she was incredibly attentive the whole time and helped me with any questions I had (which was a lot). She worked around my vegan diet to form a meal plan that worked for me, was flexible with my schedule (consisting of college courses and two jobs) and even prepped me through posing classes leading up to the competition. By show day, I lost a total of twenty-five pounds!!!

I remember being two weeks out from the show and I had weighed myself. At that mark I had reached my goal weight and had lost twenty pounds. I remember bursting into tears because I was so happy that I finally did something I initially told myself I could never do. I started wearing shorts again and felt comfortable in them! This was something I was not used to, and it feels so amazing to be comfortable in my own skin again. I couldn’t have done any of this without Karen pushing me inside and outside of the gym.

At the end of the day, life is too short to hold yourself back from accomplishing things that seem unattainable. You are the only person holding you back and sometimes a little help from an outside party is all you need to get started. Thanks to Karen, I not only have this new found confidence back, but I have the tools and knowledge to be able to keep the weight off and to further better myself. She didn’t just help me lose the weight, but she supported me in changing my lifestyle into a positive and healthy one. If you are serious about making a change for the better, please see Karen. You will thank yourself. I am so happy with my decision to train with Karen and you will be too.”

Karli Coffinger
Grand Canyon University Student

Multiple Written Testimonials

  • I frequent the gym regularly. Completing my own workouts for the last year kept me in ok shape, but it was obvious that I hit a plateau. I was failing to challenge myself for the amount of time I was dedicating. I knew I needed to start working with someone who would push me in achieving my fitness potential. There are lots of options when it comes to personal training. I had been watching Karen and the “No Mullarkey” crew and knew that was the team I had to join. The quality and depth of the workout was apparent even from a distance. I appreciate demanding workouts where

    I know I’ve put in an immense effort. Karen does not disappoint in this area. She creates challenging, intense, gratifying workouts month after month. The energy, drive, and knowledge Karen has for fitness comes through in every session. She builds a supportive environment for avariety of fitness goals. Some of the best moments I experience each week happen at the gym because of Karen and the rest of the “No Mullarkey” team. In the last 6 months I’ve seen my strength, endurance, and eating habits make huge improvements. This is not something I could have achieved on my own. Joining the “No Mullarkey” team was a great decision and has given me a fitness routine I’m successful with.

    Kristin Paperman, Manager User Experience Design - Pearson Education
  • Karen has such a great demeanor when it comes to training those that may not be as dedicated as we need to be or just not have the time to devote to the program. It is important for a trainer to have patience when dealing with a mature client (mature is a euphemism for old) and boy does Karen have it. Karen is always encouraging better technique, diet and commitment to better health in general. We have been training a little over a year and I have more strength, stamina and tone than I thought possible.

    I know she is an amazing trainer for those serious about their bodies and I have seen the results, wow! But, that is not me or those like me who have more realistic goals. Karen caters to a broad clientele, her techniques are adaptable to everyone who is willing to make some level of commitment to improve. Personal fitness training with Karen is money well spent. She is the best and I have, over the years, tried numerous trainers and programs.

    Bruce, age 64
  • Karen Mullarkey has been the best decision I have made to getting myself in better shape. I started with her in June and have been encouraged, motivated,and transformed by her. She always pushes me to do my best and has a positive attitude each time I train with her.

    I continue to get better because she is so good at what she does and it shines through her. If you want to see results, be motivated, but get your butt kicked by a beautiful, determined, hard ass working trainer Karen is the one for you. I am so glad to be a part of her team!

    Melissa Figueroa, Loan Manager - CFS Mortgage
  • Karen is an incredible inspirational leader! She helped me through a difficult divorce by giving something positive to put my energy into…competing in my first show, where I took 3rd place.

    I will never forget how she supported me during that time – she can be tough but makes you laugh at the same time. I adore her!Susan Drumm, Managing Director - Meritage Leadership Development

  • I was training for an Ironman in Lake Placid in July 2014 and Karen was recommended to me from a friend because I needed strength training to supplement my cardio. I decided to hire Karen virtually! I have worked out in the gym a lot but Karen provided me with a schedule that helped me get focused in the gym and helped me to use my time wisely. Apart from the great schedule (which was always challenging but never impossible to complete), Karen was also very supportive and motivating throughout my long (5 months) training period. She even listened to my complaints about aches and pains but quickly encouraged me to continue to focus on my goal! Karen is a force to be reckoned with and went above and beyond to keep in touch and keep me motivated. Since the Ironman I have continued training virtually with Karen because I have noticed the difference it makes to my fitness level and I love sticking to her plan! *Naomi Kent, New York, NY

  • I have been training with Karen “No Mullarkey” going on 4.5 years with sustained results and impressive outcomes. I have always been active throughout my life, having played tennis in college as well as basketball, football, and baseball in high school. Additionally, I have been running since the 5th grade and completed many half-marathons and two sub-4 times in full marathons in 2009 and 2010. Also, I played competitive USTA and ATA tennis from 2004-2009. However, despite the amount of training and significant time invested weekly , I still wasn’t getting the physique results I wanted.

    As I entered my early 40s, I knew I had to start training differently as weight wasn’t as easy to lose between demanding corporate career and sports hobbies that were not cutting it any longer. Karen’s workouts have not only allowed me to drop my weight, but also achieve muscle definition and cardio-pulmonary thresholds I hadn’t achieved even thru long distance running. In fact, when I returned to playing singles tennis for a year, results showed on the court as my stamina was significantly better, and I beat opponents I would have otherwise lost to due to fatigue.

    Even though Karen’s classes tend to attract females seeking to compete in physique competitions, I find her athletic background being conducive to my interests being a male athlete, as she keeps workouts interesting thru a mixture of lifting, plyometric exercises, core strengthening, and speed/agility movements. Her focus is to keep training physically compelling and challenging for me to keep coming back for more. The results have been noteworthy, and I’m able to sustain my results and keep a healthy balance of realistic diet and training. *

  • Ciao,
    I am 44, I have a beautiful family and I work as an airline pilot. I have been in good shape in the past but in the last few years I found myself gaining weight. Usual story, busy life between work and family but also jet lag and funny food at funny times of the day. When I decided to change and get back into shape I thought I had a pretty good idea about what to do. After about three months of hard work, I had very little results and I was starting to get frustrated.

    At that point I got in touch with Karen! I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure she knew how to deal with the lifestyle my job imposes? I worked with her through emails and pictures for just 12 weeks (we live nowhere close, I’ve actually never seen her in person) and the results were far above what I expected. She designed a program for my specific needs. She tailored my nutrition and training around my busy schedule and kept changing it based on the results. The best part is that it’s a very reasonable plan, totally doable! No walk in the park, but challenging within reason and fun (an intense and sweaty kind of fun!). In my case, it involved not only keeping in mind that I couldn’t follow a regular regimen but also, I was always on the go and I couldn’t always have access to a fully stocked gym.

    Long story short, it’s the sort of thing that makes me say, “This is how I am going to eat and exercise from now on”. If you are one of those who thinks, “But she hasn’t seen people like me, because I….” I am confident to say that she has and she knows how to address the issue. If I can offer some advice, do what the gorgeous lady tells you and enjoythe journey!

    Daniele, from Abu Dhabi
  • “My story begins about 3.5 years ago when I first used Karen’s group training and diet plan to train for my first figure competition.  I never worked so hard in my entire life!!  I got into the best shape I had ever been and as a result, when I moved to Portland, Oregon and found myself in need of a trainer again to get in shape for my wedding day, I couldn’t imagine training with anyone else.  I used Karen’s cyber workout and diet plan and got into the best shape for my wedding day!!

    I was skeptical at first as to whether I could follow a plan long distance, but Karen kept me in check by following up with me, requiring progress pics, and just being there anytime I needed help with an exercise or a tweak to my diet.  Hire Karen Mullarkey if you want to get in the best shape of your life because she’ll get you there! Thanks again, Karen!”

    Erica, from Portland, OR

* There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.