My Top Picks for At-Home Gym Equipment under $100

Gyms are closed for the foreseeable future now what? Put together your own at-home gym for under $100! Here are my top recommendations for your at-home gym equipment:

  1. Stability Ball – great for core exercises and can double as a stability chair while on the computer!
  2. Jump rope – great way to get in some cardio.
  3. Bands – great for all kinds of exercises for glutes and building that booty!
  4. Dumbbells – if you are just starting, start anywhere from 3-15 lbs and for those that are more advanced, 15 lbs+!
  5. Resistance Bands – excellent for arms, shoulders and they take up very little space.
  6. Kettle bells – adjustable ones are great these help in getting up that heart rate, arms and booty!

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