Check Your Boobies Ladies! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It’s October, which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have the pleasure of training 2 amazing ladies who are breast cancer survivors. Shannon Evans and Jill K. have both been through double mastectomies and work very hard at putting their health first! What really strikes me about these ladies is not how strong they are physically but how strong they are mentally. It’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes but having the opportunity of working with them has really opened my eyes to what these women have gone through and are still going through.

Not only is it physically hard on them, but mentally they have been put through the ringer. The cancer was treated and is in remission but the scars live on physically and emotionally. They have both been through countless reconstructive surgeries, which I know takes a toll.

I give them both so much credit for showing up to training 3 days a week and working hard. They both attend my 6 am group training class and I find it awesome that they have a support system with myself and the 5 other gals whom attend that session. We all need folks to lean on in our lives and I am happy to have these girls apart of the “No Mullarkey” Team. Strength training has not only helped them physically but also mentally and emotionally. It goes to show that working out has been a very positive outlet for these 2 amazing gals.

Here are reason’s why you should muster the energy to workout while fighting breast cancer…….

1-Exercise will help with recovery not only physically but mentally.
2-Listen to your body! On the days you feel great go for it! On the days you need rest take it easy.
3-Eating a clean and balanced diet can help reduce inflammation.
4-Keep it Clean! Remember that your immune system gets compromised when going through chemo and fighting cancer so be sure and use those handy wipes to clean off the equipment at your gym.
5-Stay Positive!!!! Mindset will make or break you! Keep a positive mindset, believe in beating the disease and visualize a healthy and happy you! Or as I would say……”Kick Cancer’s Ass Ladies”!!!!!!!

Here’s to all the women out there who have been affected by this disease and here’s to all the women who have conquered it. As Shannon would say…….”Check Your Boobies Ladies”!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Mullarkey
Pro Fitness Consultant