“No Mullarkey” Client Cheyenne Woods Featured in the May Issue of Golf Digest: Fitness and Power Issue 2015

I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate one of my clients, Cheyenne Woods for landing a 2 page national spread in Golf Digest. What is really neat is that it is the Fitness and Power Issue, which is only ran once a year. Cheyenne talks about the importance of fitness and building strength so she can improve her golf game and golf swing.

I was honored to be interviewed by the writer and quoted in the article. I discussed the importance of training Cheyenne’s legs twice a week because women are typically quad dominant. Her glutes and hamstrings are very important when it comes to generating power for her golf swing. Cheyenne is also a natural runner so I combine track workouts in with her program so she has lots of endurance for her long days on the course.

Golf has come a long way! Golfers are athletes and should be trained like athletes. I enjoy working with someone who isn’t scared to push themselves. This gal works hard in the gym, on the golf course and in the media as well. Cheyenne is going to have a very long career and don’t be surprised if you see more of her in the media. After earning her LPGA card this past December in QSchool, she is on her way to making her mark on the tour.

As for me, I am loving working with golfers and I do hope to get more involved with the sport. It is so neat as a coach to work with and athlete and to help them accomplish their goals. Cheyenne has major drive and I am excited to see where she goes and how she changes the game of women’s golf. YOU GO GIRL!