Karen’s Event-Ready Checklist

Events are slowly but surely coming back and things are opening up. Lots of us haven’t had to get “ready” for much more than the gym and a few dinners out so we might be a little rusty. The quarantine 15 (or 20!) also has not been a help either for some.

To celebrate my 45th birthday a little early, I booked my first professional photoshoot in years earlier this month. To get ready, I followed my exercise and diet plan as well as a few other tips and tricks I’ve used over the years of shows, events, magazine covers and photoshoots. From weddings, to a girls trip to a bikini show, this check list is a great place to start when getting ready for your next big event.

Need help dialing in your diet and getting your workout plan just right? No problem! Contact me and let me help you reach your goals.