Selfies: The Key To Tracking Your Progress

Whenever you are looking to make a change, tracking your progress is key! Tracking your progress on the scale or with the measuring tape is great but another great way is with a good ole selfie.

Taking pictures can give you a great visual of your progress – or lack thereof if you aren’t sticking to the plan haha! It’s great to remember how far you’ve come and just WHY you started in the first place!

A couple tips when taking progress selfies:

  1. Wear the same outfit each time to give a clearer visual of the changes.
  2. Have a friend or family member help you out with back pics or use your self timer on your phone and prop it up.
  3. Use a collage app to place your starting picture and subsequent pictures side by side to track progress.

Check out these awesome progress pics below from my virtual client, Michelle! Great job and keep up the good work!

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