Today Was The Day: 2020 NPC National Western

Today, March 28, 2020 was supposed to be THE day for four of my Team “No Mullarkey” ladies. The 2020 NPC National Western Show was to take place in Mesa, Arizona. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the show was cancelled just a couple weeks out.

I wanted to highlight the hard work these four ladies have put forth and share a little about each one. I truly love working with my virtual bikini clients and seeing their transformations over the weeks. I cannot wait for shows to start back up again, I know these ladies will maintain and use this time to train even more! Great job, ladies!!

Trudy S. and Gina S. are sisters and would have both been competing in their 2nd NPC Bikini Competition. Gina lost over 80 pounds since she did her 1st competition and has learned to keep the weight off. Both ladies have changed their lifestyle, have stuck with their workouts and virtual training for over a year.

Trudy’s Before + After
Gina’s Before + After

Kim M. would have been competing in her 1st NPC Bikini competition as well.  As you can see below, she really took her diet and fitness training seriously and made a huge transformation!

Kim’s Before + After

Ericka M. would have been doing her 1st NPC Bikini competition but unfortunately, became acutely ill last month and was rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery. She had to have about 12 inches of her intestines removed along with her cecum and appendix. She is healing up nicely and hopes to compete in the future.

Ericka’s Before + After