My Top 3 Tips for Staying On Track While Traveling

Planes, trains, automobiles…or boats! No matter how you get to where you’re going, summer travels don’t have to be a reason to fall off course from your fitness and nutrition goals.

My top three tips for staying on track while traveling are:

1. Prepare – bring snacks, schedule in your dedicated workout time (even if only 20-30 minutes), scope out healthy restaurant options ahead of time. I like to bring protein bars with me to have on-hand as a snack if there are long times between meals.

2.  Balance it Out – if you are on vacation, you can enjoy all the things, just in limited amounts! On my IG stories, I recently shared with you healthy menu options from my most recent trip. Start with protein and fiber-heavy apps to offset your hunger like: guac or hummus with veggies. Swap out the bun on a burger for extra lettuce. Small changes like these can allow you to enjoy a cocktail or two with your meal and not feel guilty!

3. Sightsee – get out and about as much as you can! Even if it’s a work trip, try to walk to get breakfast or coffee in the morning. Getting those extra steps in can make all the difference.

My latest YouTube video shows you how you can get your workout in all from the comfort of your hotel room – all you need is a sturdy chair or bench!

Safe travels, everybody!

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