“No Mullarkey” Team Goal Setting 2019

With the New Year upon us, I have been really focused on helping the “No Mullarkey” Team come up with individual goals to focus on for 2019. I believe in leading by example and have already gotten my 2019 goals underway. I officially submitted for the 2019 season of American Ninja Warrior! This is my 4th submission……fingers crossed 2019 is my year to run the course in honor of my friend and mentor, Gary Cruz who sadly passed away from cancer in early 2018. I also will be writing my 1st national article this weekend for National Horseman magazine. My second goal for 2019 was to start getting published nationally again. I have been so focused on “No Mullarkey” Personal Training that I put writing on the back burner. Look for my Rider Fitness interview to be published in early 2019. If you aren’t an equestrian, this is one of the most popular publications in the horse world.

After the New Year, I reached out to the “No Mullarkey” Team and asked them to come up with their goals. I would like to congratulate each of these ladies for stepping outside of their comfort zones and for setting their 2019 fitness goals. Here is what the “No Mullarkey” Team will be up to over the next few months……

Gina Sproule- Will be competing in her 1st OCB Bikini Competition in Albuquerque, NM. I will be making a road trip in March to support this hard working, virtual client of mine. Her weight loss journey is an inspiration!

Sara McGee-Will be in a runway fashion show in LA this March. She is working her butt off to be bikini ready as well. She is looking leaner by the week.

Tammy Blackwell, Jessica Guaranda, Kelly Trewhella and Trudy Shope-Have all committed to competing in their very 1st bikini competitions as well in the April NPC competition here in Mesa, AZ. Kelly is not a newcomer and will be looking to compete in her 4th bikini competition. Gina Sproule will also be competing as well after her warm-up in New Mexico. I am so proud of all of these ladies for making the 12+ week commitment to train their butts off.

Michelle Haisch-Will be competing in her 7th NPC Figure competition in April after a 4 year break from the competition stage. Look for this hard working lady to come in lean and ready for the April NPC competition here in Mesa.

This is just the beginning of a long list of goals and accomplishments that the “No Mullarkey” Team will be going after in 2019. I am one proud coach and I love nothing more than watching my clients get in their best shape ever so they can cross those items off of their bucket lists. If you are looking to get after your 2019 fitness goals, contact me today for a FREE consultation. Whether you are local or virtual, I can help you cross your next fitness goal off of your bucket list. Life is too short! What are you waiting for????

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