Avoid Unwanted Holiday Pounds

Tis the season!!!!  I can’t believe that it is already the holidays,  my how time flies!  My clients often ask me how to avoid unwanted holiday pounds.  Here are a few helpful tips to avoid being a holiday weight gain statistic……..

-Keep your workout routine going!  Every year my clients get flaky and miss workouts during the holiday season.  The additional holiday calories combined with lack of exercise will certainly make you a weight gain statistic.  Don’t be a flake folks!

-Keep your clean eating routine during the week and splurge on the weekend at holiday parties.  Make that meal your cheat meal for the week.  You can still indulge, but keep your balance.

-If you have a couple events over a weekend, eat dinner at home before you go.

-Avoid sweets.  Sweet are the quickest way to put weight on.  Go for a salty before a sweet!

-Add in an extra cardio session or 2 each week to make up for the additional food fun.  A little extra sweat does a body good:)

-Enjoy your time with your family and friends.  Be thankful for your health and for all that you are blessed with!

Be sure and avoid those unwanted holiday pounds and don’t be a holiday weight gain statistic.  If you would like more in depth nutrition or workout help, please contact me today for a FREE consult.  Give the gift of fitness to a loved one, contact me today for your gift certificate.    Let’s keep the pounds off this holiday season!

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training



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