“No Mullarkey” Client of the Month

I would like to take the time to congratulate the July “No Mullarkey” client of the month, Emme Burg!  Emme began my group training program approximately 6 months ago and recently just competed in her first NPC Bikini competition.  She cleaned house at the competition and took home hardware in all three of the NPC classes she competed in.  Placing in one category at a competitive show is tough, placing in three is remarkable!

Not only did Emme do so well in her NPC debut, but she also kicked butt with her nutrition and training. She followed my advice throughout the whole 12 week process and did not stray from her workouts or nutrition plan.  Competing is one of those things that you will get out of it what you put into it and Emme is a great example of someone who gave 110%.  I would like to thank her for making my job easy as a coach by following my lead and advice.

Emme not only kicked butt in competing, but she also kicks butt with her career.  She is an esthetician who has her own skincare line, Emme Diane.  I have been using her product for the past 4 weeks and I have noticed HUGE changes with my skin.  She has a large following on social media, a very successful online business and is booked upon solid with her local business here in Scottsdale.  This gal is so AMAZING because she can look at a picture of someones skin type and then send them the product from her Emme Diane collection that they need to address their skincare needs.  The before and afters on her website and social media pages are very impressive.  Not to mention she practices what she preaches because her skin is flawless.  Be sure and check her out at http://emmediane.com.

Way to go Emme for kicking butt on and off the stage!!!!!  You should be very proud of yourself for setting your goal, sticking to it and for following through.  You should also hold your head high for overcoming so much adversity in your life and for becoming the successful woman you are today.  I love nothing more in my career than watching folks become stronger physically and mentally as they drop body fat.  The mind is a powerful thing and Emme is a true example that you can do anything you put it too.

If you are looking to compete and want to hire someone who has almost 30 competitions under her belt, contact me for a FREE consultation.  Learn from an IFBB and WBFF Pro today!  I will help to guide you to success on and off the stage.

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training