Congratulations to the “No Mullarkey” Team

I would like to take the time to personally congratulate the “No Mullarkey” Team!  Emme Burg, Kelly Trewhella and Crystal Maylone all competed in the bikini division this past weekend at the NPC’s Dennis James Classic in Mesa, AZ.  Each of these AMAZING women have been working so hard over the past 16 weeks to transform their bodies and to get into bikini competition shape.  Having almost 30 figure and bikini competitions under my belt, I know firsthand how hard achieving that goal is.   Each of these ladies knocked it out of the park.

I would like to congratulate Emme for placing in each bikini category that she competed in.  She took 2nd in the Masters 35+ Bikini class, 5th in the Novice C Bikini class and 5th in the Open Bikini D class.  Placing in all 3 classes is no easy chore and I couldn’t be more proud of this talented woman.  Not only did she place in each class in her very 1st NPC bikini competition but she had absolutely perfect stage presentation despite a highly unorganized competition, which caused a lot of stress on the competitors at pre-judging.  Way to go Emme!!!!  I hope your neck can hold up all of those heavy ass medals:)

Kelly has been training with me virtually over the past 10 months and just completed her 4th bikini competition.  She is a true example of what persistence and hard work does.  Kelly has added muscle to her frame and has come so far with her posing and stage presentation.  Kelly suffers from chronic pain and is living proof that working out and staying fit can battle those aches and pains caused by general Neuropathy. Kelly placed 5th her Bikini Open A class.  This is the 1st time she has placed in a competition and it is much deserved!  Nice work Kelly!

Crystal began One-on-One Training with me back in January and has come so far!  She has leaned out and added muscle to her gorgeous frame.  For a first timer, I was so impressed with her bikini posing and stage presentation.  She looked poised and confident despite being practically thrown onstage for pre-judging.  The folks coordinating the show had all of the times screwed up and 40 competitors missed their classes.  That’s another story for another blog:). Despite all the stress, Crystal placed 5th in her Masters Bikini 35+ class.  This was not an easy journey for this Vegan, but she stuck to the program and got the job done.  I give her so much credit for following through with her goal and for crushing it on stage.  I am one proud coach, Crystal:)

Seeing my clients on stage with HUGE smiles on their faces makes my day.  I am truly blessed to be doing what I do for a living and I couldn’t be more proud of my “No Mullarkey” Team!  If you are looking to compete in a bikini, figure or physique competition I would highly recommend that you hire a coach who is an IFBB/WBFF Pro and who has walked the walk.  Contact me today to schedule a FREE consultation.  Now is the time to conquer that goal!

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training


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