Good Luck to the “No Mullarkey” Team

I would like to wish the “No Mullarkey” Team good luck this weekend!  Emme Berg, Kelly Trewhella and Crystal Maylone will be competing at the Dennis James Classic tomorrow in the bikini division.  All three of these ladies have been busting their butts for the past 12 weeks to prep for tomorrow.  Emme does Group Training, Kelly is a Virtual Training client and Crystal does One-on-One training.  I am so impressed with how all of these ladies have transformed their physiques, it is certainly an inspiration!

I would also like to wish Susan Filer good luck as well this Sunday.  Susan is competing in her very first IPL competition in the bikini and evening gown categories.  Susan has been a long time Group Training client and has since moved onto Virtual Training.  Susan is beyond inspiring considering that she has lost over 25 pounds throughout her journey.

Best of luck to all of these remarkable women and please check back this weekend for updates and photos on my social media pages.   If you would like to come out and cheer them on you can find more info at and  Both events are being held at the Mesa Arts Center.  Best of luck ladies!!!!!!

If you would like to compete in a figure, bikini or physique competition I would highly recommend you hire an IFBB/WBFF Pro like myself.  You need someone to coach you who has 30 competitions under her belt.  Contact me today for a FREE consultation.

Karen Mullarkey

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