Team “No Mullarkey” NPC Bikini Results

I would like to congratulate Karen Clothier from the “No Mullarkey” Team for placing 3rd in her 47+ Masters NPC Bikini class this past weekend!  Karen began training virtually with me back in May of 2017 and then switched to One-on-One training to prep for her very 1st NPC Bikini competition.  Karen began hitting it hard after the first of the year with her workouts and nutrition.  She certainly earned her spot on stage against some very tough competition.

Having almost 30 competitions under my belt, I know firsthand what a competitor goes through to get stage ready.  It is no easy road and requires much discipline and hard work.  Karen proved to me by her actions that she was focused on her goal.  She never missed a training session, prepped her meals weekly with the help of her husband Brad and always kept a positive attitude.  Even when she was having self doubt, she dug deeper and continued hitting her workouts with intensity.

Not only did Karen reach her goal of competing in her very first NPC Bikini competition, but she also did it at 53 years young.  In fact, Karen was the eldest female competitor in the show.  She proved to herself and everyone watching that age is just a number.  What an inspiration she has been to myself and those around her!  She also walked away with her head held high, not because of receiving a trophy but because she looks and feels the best she ever has.  Training clients like Karen makes my job that much sweeter.  Congratulations Karen on a job well done and for making your coach very proud.

If you have wanted to compete in an NPC Bikini competition and want guidance from an IFBB Pro, contact me today for a FREE consultation.  I currently have 7 gals signed up for the upcoming Dennis James Classic on Saturday May 26th.  Quit procrastinating and join the “No Mullarkey” Team!  I have no doubt that YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT!!!!

Karen Mullarkey

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  1. Karen, I cannot thank you enough for believing in me, pushing me and being the best coach ever! I could not have done this without you. To anyone considering doing a show, I completely and highly recommend Karen Mullarkey! She knows her stuff and will get you stage ready!

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