Fighting Breast Cancer with Fitness

I would like to award the next “No Mullarkey” client of the month to Betsy Zangara.  Betsy and her husband, Jeremy have been In-Home Training clients of mine for the past year and a half.  They decided to have me come to their house because the have 3 adorable little girls and wanted to be able to get their workouts in before the little ones wake up.   There are no excuses in that household when it comes to getting their workouts in.  Betsy was just recently diagnosed with stage IIb invasive ductal carcinoma and has been undergoing chemotherapy.

This cancer scare certainly came as a shock especially since her youngest daughter just turned a year old.  As you can tell by the pic, Betsy is doing an awesome job of staying positive and keeping her sense of humor through this bump in the road.  I also give Betsy so much credit for doing her best to get her workouts in despite being exhausted from chemo.  Her energy levels vary from day to day, but she is doing her best to make time for her workouts.  The doctors highly recommended to still workout during chemo treatment.

Let Betsy’s story be a motivator to you to make time for fitness.  She is in the fight of her life against cancer and is still mustering the energy to exercise and to eat well.  Just remember her story when you are tired and feel like skipping your gym date or want to cancel on your personal trainer.  We are all so fortunate to have our health.  I have no doubt that Betsy will kick cancers ass and will continue to keep her positive attitude and sense of humor.  The mind is a powerful thing and she is a living example that you can overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.  Keep fighting Betsy, your coach is beyond proud and inspired!

If you have an In-Home gym and are looking for a trainer to come to you, contact me today for a FREE consultation.  Remember………”No Excuses and that’s No Mullarkey”!

Karen Mullarkey

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