Karen Mullarkey’s American Ninja Warrior Video Submission Season 10

This was my 3rd season applying to tryout for American Ninja Warrior, but I sadly did not get selected for the LA tryouts next week.  Although I did not get selected, I am not frustrated.  I actually feel like they just gave me another year to get more skilled and more conditioned for when I do get the opportunity to run the course.  Eventually they will have to give me a shot because they will be getting sick of seeing my application:).   Roughly 80,000 folks submit applications and each year and more and more are applying.  I know eventually that I will get selected, persistence never fails.

I was a bit sad that I will not get the chance to run the course for my friend and mentor Gary Cruz (aka Cruzzer) who is currently in the battle of his life against cancer.  I want Gary to know that all my dedication to training is in support of him staying strong for fighting his battle.  Gary is not only a friend, but someone I look up too.  He helped me to build my business and my brand when I first started “No Mullarkey” Personal Training and I will always be thankful for his advice and support.  Gary, a retired sports news anchor decided to start his PR and Marketing company, Cruzwood Communications and I was his very first client.  I will never forget the love and support I received from Gary and his business partner Ryan Woodcock.  Gary truly is a kind soul with one heck of a sense of humor and positive outlook on life.  Gary, just know that I will continue training for season 11 and I want you there to watch me run.  I have no doubt that you will kick cancers ass!!!!!!

Check out my American Ninja Warrior season 10 submission video……

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training



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  1. Can’t believe they didn’t pick you with that video! Keep holding strong and fighting for your chance. Cruzzer, we’re all praying for you!

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