Portion Control is KEY to Weight Loss

Nutrition is 80% of the weight loss battle. Making smart choices, taking the time to prep your food and portion control are all KEY to having a lean physique. I was recently on a trip in Italy and was so impressed that there were hardly any overweight people there. It really made me realize what an epidemic obesity is in America. How do the Italians stay in shape while having pasta everyday and a glass or 2 of wine with lunch and dinner? Portion Control!

The food they prepare is homemade and a lot of the times they grow their own veggies. Everything was so fresh and far from processed. I was so impressed with the flavor of their fruits and veggies, especially along the Amalfi Coast, which is very fertile due to volcanic soil thanks to Mt. Vesuvius! I would have fantastic 4 course meals and would not feel over stuffed.

Another reason why they stay fit in Italy is because they typically walk everywhere. On our tour we were averaging 8-10 thousand steps a day. They certainly do not have a sedentary lifestyle. Their diets combined with their physical activity are why they don’t have an obesity problem. It was very obvious to me once we returned to the States and ordered food at a restaurant in the airport.  The portion size of an appetizer could have filled up 4 people. Moral of the story, if you aren’t eating clean at least control your portion size. Eat half of your serving instead of a whole plate full.

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Karen Mullarkey
“No Mullarkey” Personal Training
IFBB turned WBFF Pro