American Ninja Experience

Most of you know that I have attempted to tryout for American Ninja Warrior for the past 3 years and got as close as being a walk on for season 8 in LA, but unfortunately did not run the course.  I know from being an athlete that most things worth going for don’t come easy.  I have continued my training and am making major strides this year.  I am no pro, but I am definitely happy with how far I have come considering this training has been way out of my comfort zone.

I just found out through the Phoenix ninja community that in February, the American Ninja Experience is coming to town.  I will get my first real opportunity to run an actual course and to compete against other male and female competitors.  I will be up against 3 obstacles and if I am in the top 13 of the fastest female athletes, I will advance to the next stage of 6 obstacles.  Nothing like throwing yourself to the wolves:)

Follow along my journey as I prep for not only this upcoming event, but also as I get my application in to tryout for the American Ninja Warrior show.  Both events will more than likely take place in February.  Watch as my body changes as I tweak my diet and training.  I will be spending much less time in the weight room and more at ninja training.  I hope to drop 8-10 pounds of body weight, which will make supporting my body weight much easier.  Being 5’2″ and 127 pounds is making that challenging.  Where there is a will there is a way and I am certainly more ready than ever to step up to the challenge.

I tell my clients all the time to make a goal and to have a deadline so that you follow through.  I lead by example and am showing my clients that it’s ok to step out of your comfort zone and to go for it.  Failure only makes you stronger as long as you dust yourself off and get back at it!  If you are looking to obtain your fitness goals, contact me today for a FREE consultation.  Quit putting off your fitness goals!

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training