Train for Her Magazine Email Response

Those of you who follow along with my blog posts know that I have been published in Train for Her Magazine for the July and August 2017 issues.  I was honored when the ISSA asked if I would share my fitness journey with‘s magazine.

What is even better about sharing my story and getting it published internationally is that their readers can relate to my story.  I spoke about how I began a career in fitness despite the negative feedback from my now ex husband.  How I took negative energy and turned it into a career that I am truly passionate about.

I would like to thank Herman for his email response to that article.  All you can ask is that you can help at least one person out there go after their goals even if they feel the odds are stacked up against them.  Take some time to read his AMAZING story…….

Hi Karen,

I wanted to send a big “THANKS”!!  I saw your recent article “Slim to Stacked” in the August Train Magazine.  I’ve always enjoyed “transformation” articles to see what motivates people and how they did it.  You struck a nerve with me due to some recent comparable events.

I’ve always been a bit of a “gym rat” and also got my ISSA CFT back in 2013.  Not really to train people but just for my own knowledge and since people were always asking my opinion, I wanted some training to back up what I was preaching.  But what really hit me in the story is going through your divorce.  I find myself going through a “surprise” divorce.  I said surprise because it hit me out of nowhere.

We were happily married (or so I thought) for 17 years.  I retired from the Air Force a few years ago, got a great follow-on job with the Air Force, we were finally stable with two happy and healthy kids and a bright future.  Then 6 months ago she woke me up crying saying “you’re a wonderful husband, an amazing father, a great provider and I love you…but I’m not in love with you.” (no kidding…she used that line!!)  I was crushed.  She moved out shortly thereafter and now we’re working to get divorced.  Luckily, were both friendly in the whole process.

Now, I’m looking at all the things I thought about doing but never did because I didn’t want to interfere with “family time”.  I’m thinking about competing in a physique competition.  I also read health and fitness articles constantly so I’m the “go-to guy” in the office on health questions.  They always tell me “you need to write a book or have a website to tell people these things”.  I kind of laughed both things off a bit but after reading your article thinking…maybe?

You did it!  Successful fitness career, modeling, author…and now ANW!!  I’m not sure if I’ll go towards a competition or a side business but you’ve made this an option for me that it can be done.  I appreciate your inspiration and hope to see you on TV and the next American Ninja Warrior!

Good Luck and Thanks!


Moral of the story…..GO FOR IT Y’ALL!!!!  No matter how crazy your dreams are YOU CAN DO IT!  Thank you Herman for taking the time to share your story and kind words.

If you are looking to start a career in fitness, contact me today for a consultation.

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training