“No Mullarkey” Client of the Month

I would like to take the time to congratulate Michele Peterson for earning the “No Mullarkey” Client of the Month award.  Michele began my group training program roughly three years ago and has completely transformed her body.  She not only transformed her body, but also her eating habits.  Michele was a raw vegan when we began this journey.  She now eats fish, eggs and chicken because she knows the importance of a diet high in animal protein to make those muscle gains.

Michele came to me because she wanted to add muscle to her frame and she also wanted to eventually compete in a NPC Bikini competition.  Well, Michele has certainly accomplished that goal and continues to knock it out of the park with her results.  She just competed in her third NPC Bikini competition and took home her third trophy, placing 1st in the Bikini Masters 50+ category.  I couldn’t be more proud of her for all her accomplishments.

Michele is a true testament of what it takes to make a lifestyle change.  When she began lifting with me she could barely curl 7.5 pound dumbbells.  Now you won’t catch her using those cute weights, she can easily curl 25 pounders.  Not only has she gained strength, but she has remained consistent with her training and nutrition over the years.  She needed to really focus on that stubborn area that most of my female clients do, her glutes and hamstrings.  Her backside needed to gain some tone and shape.  Michele knew that it wouldn’t happen overnight and that she needed to remain patient with the process.  She has remained patient and her hard work has certainly paid off.  Congratulations my Kentucky friend, you have certainly earned my respect for all your hard work and dedication:).

If you have been wanting to compete in your very first physique, figure or bikini competition, I would highly recommend that you hire a trained professional who has walked the walk.  Quit putting off your goals and contact me today for a FREE consultation.

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