“No Mullarkey” Client of the Month

I would like to congratulate, Chris Reichow for being the “No Mullarkey” client of the month. Chris began training with me 8 years ago and is still going strong. He is a true testament that consistency with training over the years certainly does pay off.

Chris has also learned the importance of clean eating and steering clear of processed foods. Chris currently looks the best he has ever looked while training with me, which says a lot since he is in his late 40’s. He has learned to do a much better job of prepping his food each week and keeping his cheats within moderation.

Chris and I actually train together several days of the week when it works for our schedules. I have always enjoyed working out with him because he pushes me and I do the same for him. Sometimes a trainer needs a trainer too. We often laugh that between the two of us we are 89 years young and still working our butts off in the gym:) When the weather is nice, we often take workouts outdoors to run sprints.

It is true that you have to work harder to stay fit the older you are, but that’s not holding Chris and I back. I would like to thank Chris for all his years of hard work and loyalty as a “No Mullarkey” client. I have a feeling that we will be training together and running circles around the gym well into our combined ages of 100+.

If you are looking for a trainer to push you to the next level, contact me for a FREE consultation. I love seeing clients defy all the odds.

Karen Mullarkey

“No Mullarkey” Personal Training