Karen Mullarkey’s Guides to In-Home and Gym Training E-Books Reached #1 on Amazon Best Sellers List

Several years back when I began my personal training business, “No Mullarkey” Personal Training, I had envisioned writing and selling E-Books so I could reach a national and even international audience.  I was getting maxed out as far as my time available in the gym to take on new clients and I knew that I was going to have to now turn my marketing focus to Virtual Training and E-Books.  Low and behold, 8 years later I launched my first four E-Books…..

Karen Mullarkey’s Guide to In-Home Training

Karen Mullarkey’s Introduction to Gym Training

Karen Mullarkey’s Intermediate Gym Training

Karen Mullarkey’s Advanced Gym Training

This project was much harder than I thought and I learned so much along the way as far as writing, marketing and getting to the #1 Best Sellers List on Amazon.  One of the biggest problems I noticed with my Virtual Training clients was that they were unsure about how to perform certain exercises I would send them.  I found myself looking up videos of other trainers demonstrating those exercises and I thought to myself, “Why do I want to send my clients to my competitors sites for info?”.  I then decided to not only write my E-Book training guides, but to also shoot videos of myself demonstrating each exercise.  This will eliminate the problem of having to send my clients off to YouTube to see another trainer demonstrate the exercise.  It also allowed me to show the correct form, which will prevent my clients from injuring themselves.

After getting all four E-Books written and proofed over and over again, it was time to get the videos shot.  I hired a videographer and we spent a whole weekend shooting at my house and at the gym.  We literally shot 150 short videos of myself performing and explaining each exercise included in the books.  It was not only to ensure that my clients were using the correct form, but also to allow them to get know myself and my personality.  I wanted them to get as close to a one-on-one personal training session with me as possible, but for a fraction of the price.  In the end, my clients are the ones that make “No Mullarkey” Personal Training a success.

After much work and marketing, all four of my E-Books have reached the #1 Best Sellers status on Amazon.  I have had record sales going into 2017 and I am thrilled that I can now train folks all over the United States and even the world.  I am pumped that I FINALLY made this goal a reality and it means so much to get positive feedback from my clients who are getting results in the gym.

If you would like to purchase my E-Books, you can find the pdf versions on my website at www.karenmullarkey.com/shop/.  They are currently marked down from $39.99 to just $19.99 or you can purchase a package of all four for just $39.99, regularly $159.96.

If you prefer the Kindle versions, you can find them on Amazon at…..





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Karen Mullarkey

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