Team “No Mullarkey” Rocks it at NPC Natural Western Championships

The girls of Team “No Mullarkey” took to the stage at the recent NPC Natural Western Championships in Mesa, and they totally rocked it! I’m so proud of all the girls, they really busted their butts in the gym to get ready, and the results of their hardwork showed. Some had been there before, and for some this was their first competition – but they all look like pro’s and performed outstanding.

I want to give a shoutout to all the girls of Team “No Mullarkey” for a job well done –

Missy Cevilo (10th Bikini Jr. Masters)
Hilary Delis (10th Bikini E Class)
Susan Drumm (5th Bikini Jr. Masters)
Christine James (6th Figure Open, 7th Figure Jr. Masters)
Susie Kramer (4th Figure Masters)
Jennifer Minton (7th Bikini Jr. Masters)
Kelly Nash (3rd Bikini Jr. Masters)
Lauren Richardson (2nd Bikini A Class)
Rebecca Rosemann (7th Figure E Class).

I’m so proud of you all for your hard work and dedication, and glad you are part of Team “No Mullarkey”!