Competition Prep Training


Competition Prep Training – Get personalized virtual training for 12 weeks with IFBB and WBFF Pro Karen Mullarkey!



Competition prep is needed for both males and females if you want to be successful and win your competitions. Contact me for guidance!

I am a veteran athlete and currently train clients out of Arizona. I began competing in 2004 as a NPC Figure competitor and later earned my IFBB Pro Card in July of 2007. After competing 3 years in the IFBB I crossed over into the WBFF. I am now a Professional Fitness Model Diva in the WBFF.

Having experience as a Pro Athlete/Trainer with the both the IFBB and WBFF, I know what it takes to be competitive in both federations in figure, bikini and fitness model diva. I am not only a Pro Athlete, but I am also an experienced trainer who has walked the walk. As a result, I know firsthand the dedication and determination it takes to transform your body.

Do your competition prep with an experienced professional. I will help you achieve your fitness goals.